Design 80 – Marnea Logo Design



Sometimes client has specific image that they want in their logo design. And don’t be surpised if they showed you their own logo sketches. And frankly speaking, I am pretty fine with that. Not to say this makes my job easier (LOL), but it will speed a logo design process tremendously.



My client, well she is a creative person as you can tell from her cute sketches that she made all by herself. When she handed it to me, she specifically told me to follow her ideas but don’t be afraid to explore. She picked logo design no.2 and no.3, which are my favs already. So I drew them using Adobe Illustrator and added bit of  twists to the original idea and boy she loves it!


Took only few days to complete (I was busy with travelling ☺️) and as you can see below, I am sharing you some design process before we went to finalize the logo design. My own pick is Option 3, but she really like the first one. It is a wardrobe concept with Big letter ‘M’ in the middle.



Design 73 – Tapak (Logotype)



What is Logotype?

A wordmark, word mark or logotype is usually a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company, institution, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding.


Examples can be found in the graphic identities of the Government of Canada, FedEx, Google, and Wikipedia. The organization name is incorporated as a simple graphic treatment to create a clear, visually memorable identity. The representation of the word becomes a visual symbol of the organization or product.


Design 72 – Photo Re-touch


Below are two sample of photo re-touch project that I did for Ramlah Ram, my long-time client since 2007. This project is to reserved some most iconic photos of her and for re-print purpose.


The first photo above is taken from local magazine pull-out poster (year 1989) and the second one below is from CD album cover (year 1991).



You can see more samples after the jump 🙂

Travel 03 – Water Rafting & Ipoh Adventures

Photography, Travel

Sharing with you guys some photos from my trip to Perak for Water Rafting and other fun places we went while we were there (mostly Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar)

You may read about this trip from here.

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Travel 02 – Seoul, South Korea

Photography, Travel

Sharing with you guys some photos from my trip to Seoul, Korea (29 July – 02 August November in 2015).

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Travel 01 – Boracay, Philippines

Photography, Travel

Sharing with you guys some photos from my trip to Boracay, Philippines (27-30 November 2015). Follow my Instagram to see more photos.

Design 70 – Monkey (Vector Illustration)



First digital sketch before coloring

Hi everyone!

I made this digital drawing of a monkey for work. Guess you guys have to wait to see the whole design because this cute little fella will be featured for mid February promotion. In case you guys haven’t heard about, a brand new e-Mall in Malaysia which offers many different kind of products with good price.

MIID Nippon Paint REKA Awards 2015: Design Excellence


Awesome news! My design collaboration work with Waltex Sdn Bhd and ZDR Sdn Bhd is nominated for Hospitality category – MIID NIPPON PAINT REKA AWARDS 2015 (Design Excellence) for The Westin Desaru Hotel. I haven’t contacted them yet about the results, but nonetheless it is great achievement for me!